We updated the map

Hello Ethereal Minecraft Players, we’ve just updated our server to a new map.

What happened?

  • We launched a brand new map; that is replacing the previous map.
    • This new map was built by Cheesy, Knife, Killa & Parker.
  • We’re taking a new direction where we focus on having a cozy/small/community space.
  • This iteration will be a LTS (long term support) map and will remain for the next 5-10 years.
  • Your MC$ balance moved from the previous map to the new map.

How to recover my inventory / ender inventory?

Everyone on the new map will start fresh with no inventory & ender inventory. For a limited time, you can recover your previous inventories if you wish:

  • You have until June 13th, 2023 to make the request.
  • Go to #minecraft on Discord and open a support,
  • Just type !support I want my old inventories. My Minecraft nickname is ???.
  • We’ll do our best to process your request as soon as we can (expect 24-72h).

What about the previous map?

As a result, the previous map will be available as a download within a month.

World border

There is currently a world border. We’ve decided to limit the current map as people start to explore.

  • The limit of the world border will be expanded gradually as people play and populate the world.
  • When the 1.20 update drops, we will be removing the world border entirely.

1.20 update

This map update was necessary prior to update to 1.20. After the official 1.20 release,

  • We will first update the server with 1.20 compatibility and 1.19 features,
  • As our server engine gets updated, we’ll move the entire server to 1.20 features.