Old maps available

Hello Ethereal Minecraft Players, our old maps are now available for download.

You can download all our previous survival Minecraft maps here. These maps capture the essence of our vibrant community and the unique worlds we’ve built together on our server. Each map is a testament to the creativity, teamwork, and adventures of our players, showcasing the various landscapes, structures, and stories that have unfolded over time. Whether you want to revisit old memories, explore areas you missed, or gain inspiration for your own builds, these maps offer a glimpse into the rich history and dynamic environments of our community.

System Requirements

Those maps are all stored in a Minecraft Java format. Keep in mind that some of our maps are quite extensive, with intricate builds and redstone circuits, which can heavily tax your system’s resources. As such, we recommend at least 64GB of RAM to be able to support some of those maps. Also, to ensure smooth navigation, use the ‘Optimize World’ feature in the ‘Edit World’ menu of your Minecraft client to prevent severe lag.


These maps are licensed under a Ethereal Creative Community License (ECCL). All builds on our server are subject to this license. You can share this to anyone (Attribution) but you must give appropriate credit. You can only use these map for personal uses. Commercial purposes (NonCommercial) are NOT allowed. Per the NoDerivatives terms, you also CANNOT build upon the material. It has to stay read-only. It cannot be imported into a new server to be your new map where building is allowed on top of one of our old maps.